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Chris & Johnna

Chris and Johnna Ready have performed at Renaissance Festivals for the past seven years. Both have extensive acting, stage combat and combat choreography experience.

ChrisChris Ready grew up in Columbus, OH where he attended the Columbus College of Art and Design. Chris went on to be a freelance illustrator for role-playing aids, several comicbook companies and other miscellaneous freelance projects.

Chris' first experience with theatre began with designing sets for several plays in high school. Eventually, after acting in several productions, Chris was hired by the Ohio Renaissance Fesival in 1993. In the following years, Chris became the Pirate Guild Leader and Fight Director in addition to his other duties as a performer and member of Ohio's production staff. In 1998, Chris received the priviledge of choreographing Ohio's Combat Chess Match and the Robin Hood Show.

Chris'credits outside the Ohio Faire include performing and choreographing fights for the OSU Medieval/Renaissance Festival and Cinublue Productions, "Discovery of Columbus Show" in which Chris performed and wrote several fights for the show on board a replica of the Santa Maria.

Johnna Johnna Ready, originally Johnna Brough, was born and raised in the small town of Miamisburg, OH, just south of Dayton. After annoying her entire family with her love of sequins and endless exclamations of "I'm going to be a movie star!" for 10 or 20 years, she began performing in community theatre while still in elementary school.

Throughouth her junior high and high school career, she competed in endless OMEA (Ohio Music Educators Association) vocal competitions in which she sang everything from alto to first soprano. At the tender age of 16, Johnna was hired at the Ohio Renaissance Festival as a mere washer wench and went on to co-star in Ohio's Robin Hood Show in the '95, '96 & '98 seasons and play the historical Irish pirate queen, Grace O'Malley in the '97 & '98 seasons.

Upon graduation from high school, Johnna ventured to the "big" city of Columbus to become lost in the fish tank that is Ohio State University. There she studied drama and German. In 1997, Johnna married Chris Ready, taking his last name and thereby having only one unpronounceable name instead of two.

Johnna & Chris currently reside in Miamisburg, OH where they enjoy playing video games, watching the Sci-Fi channel and plaing with their cat Salem. (Hey, it's Miamisburg, what else are we supposed to do, go cow tipping?)

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